Residential Real Estate

Regardless of the nature of your real estate transaction it is crucial to have knowledgeable, experienced legal representation from the very beginning.  We provide quality representation to purchasers and sellers of both commercial and residential real estate.  Whether it is vacant land, new construction or an existing building, a co-operative apartment or condominium, a single family house or multiple dwelling, the attorneys at Callaghan Parente LLP will be by your side to guide you through the process, every step of the way, from the initial offer and acceptance through the closing. Click on the links below for further information.

We have extensive experience in residential real estate including representation of both buyers and sellers or cooperative apartments, condominiums, single family homes and multiple family dwellings.

We work to ensure the smoothest possible sale of your property by utilizing a proactive approach that looks to identify potential issues and address as early and possible and correct them quickly. We provide the following essential services to Sellers of residential real estate:

  • Assist in identifying potential title or Certificate of Occupancy problems
  • Review of Real Estate Commission Agreements
  • Prepare Contract of Sale, including negotiating its terms.
  • Consult with client by telephone, as necessary
  • Review of contract with client prior to contract signing
  • Establish and administer escrow
  • Coordinate with Real Estate Brokers and Title Insurers
  • Reviewing Title Report and help correct or address and title issues
  • Prepare deed and other transfer documents
  • Coordinate scheduling of closing of title
  • Arrange for mortgage payoff and calculate closing adjustments (e.g. fuel, taxes, mortgage interest, etc.)
  • Attend the Closing and review and explain all documents you will be signing
  • Ensure that correct proceeds from sale are received
  • Prepare and provide detailed Closing Statement for client including a Final Escrow Report giving a full accounting of the down payment funds held prior to closing.


We will demystify the home purchase process and help you understand how you will take title including the following essential services to Purchasers of residential real estate:

  • Contract negotiation with Sellers’ attorney
  • Review contract with client prior to signing.
  • Telephone consultations with client, as necessary
  • Review of termite and/or inspection report, as necessary
  • Order and Review Title Report to ensure your impeded use of the property
  • Review mortgage commitment and work with lender and client to ensure any conditions are met
  • Coordinate scheduling of Closing
  • Attend Closing and review/explain all documents you will be signing
  • Prepare and provide detailed Closing Statement for your permanent records.